Jewels and Gods is a metaverse ruled by Gods, where you can become the master craftsman while creating amazing jewelry to stake them to earn crypto!

Find different materials; metals, minerals, resources, useless and mystery materia to create incredible pieces of jewelry.
Crafting is the only way to create new jewelry, you can blend materials with some probabilities to success or to fail.

Stake to earn! You can earn any of our 3 internal tokens: Mishra, Byldur and Taurr token and then, you will be able to swap between them or to our governance token:


Limited Edition NFTs: There will be some really rare and hard to create jewelry made in collaboration with real jewelers that will grant you with the real piece of jewelry. Besides that, you will also be the owner of a percentage of the sales of that specific piece in our jewelry e-commerce in the near future.

Millions of years ago, the Supreme Entity, an almighty celestial body created The Universe, which governs from Welsgard, its Kingdom.
In this Kingdom he lives with Gods, which are its majestic creations to give sense and harmony to the Universe. One day, thinking about the future of the existence and reflecting about the need of having a worthy successor leader, the Supreme Entity decided to establish a competition among its three most powerful sons: Mishra “The Divine”, Byldur “The Kind” and Taurr “The Warrior”.
However, it was about not only the powers of each of them, but also about their capabilities of guidance for The Universe, and this is why the Supreme Entity decided to create this challenge.
In this sense, the Supreme Entity remembered that he created a world inhabited by mortals, very imperfect beings, and said to the three brothers: “The one who understands how to earn the worship from the humans, achieving the wellbeing of the world, will be prepared to be my successor for all eternity”. After this message from their father, the rivalry among these 3 Gods started as they were sent to the earth, arriving to different places and in a very similar physical form to the humans, but having exceptional powers that only a Divine being could have, and within the dispute for power, each God took a part of the world.
Nowadays, the crafting of beautiful pieces of jewelry has become a ritual humans practice to worship the Gods, even exposing themselves to extreme conditions in order to achieve the crafting of the most amazing jewels in exchange for blessings, fame and wealth, which has generated rivalry among humans.

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