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Jumpy Cat - Community Token - Hodlers are part of the team. Feedback loops, community decisions. Community marketing

This is your hidden gem. Let your friends join the launch too ♥️ Community Shilling!

Jumpy Cat  Beta Game will be released within the next days 🎮

🎮 ** Meme Game Token: JumpyCat**

We are about to launch the JumpyCat Meme Coin. Marketing started pre-launch and here we are.

Invest & Join us!
Join our early community. JumpyCat will be launched fairly with an initial 10K Market Cap. Integrating blockchain in fun and gaming. Using synergies for building future games and projects. Maximising community growth for future earnings.

Play & Earn JumpyCats
Combining crypto space with gaming is the new entertainment. Frictionless transactions, rewards, winnings & scores. Play JumpyCat and earn JumpyCats while completing levels!

What brings the Future?
Developing and building sustainable crypto ecosystems. Beside improving and building JumpyCat, there are a few projects were working on. We will announce them on our Blog Page and Social Media.

Release & Launch
JumpyCat was launched fairly. See details below. JumpyCat Game Beta V1.2 was pubished within the first week.
All announcements will be published on Telegram. Check the website!

Secure Ecosystem
Blockchain & Cloud Based
Development in house
Advanced Marketing. play and enjoy .

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