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What is KillSwitch V.2?
KillSwitch V.2 is a smart yield farming aggregator which eliminates the flaws of farming to increase convenience and security for all farmers. The features are now available on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon chain with 3 prominent features;

1. One-click Stake- A staking procedure in one click to minimize time waste within simple steps, just choose pools and amount, then click 'stake'. Which everything will happen in a single transaction.

2. Position (withdraw)- Users can kill positions at any time and any token they desired.

3. Auto Compound- All the farmed tokens will be automatically converted to add into users' positions every 24 hours or will be automatically reinvested by “Guardian of the Galaxy” (anyone who farms in KillSwitch is able to click compound for everyone). This makes sure all yields are reinvested to further maximize the user's profit. Guardian of the Galaxy earns 1.2% of the whole reward.

Coming up very soon

4. Mixture Swap- Swapping of LP tokens to other LP tokens that users can stake in the source of a pool. This feature is exceptional for those who like to jump around from one platform to another.

5. Take Profit/ Stop Loss- Users can set to close their own investments at a given condition or to receive a certain amount of profit likewise.

Our success is determined by your satisfaction and your feelings towards farming with us.

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