What is Kitty Inu?
There's a new Doge Cat in town. Kitty is a Gaming and NFT DeFi Protocol powering Play-to-Earn and Metaverse ecosystems.

Kitty’s mission is to build the best community driven Gaming and NFT Defi protocol, backed by one of the best teams in Defi. Part Kitty, Part Inu, Kitty  will woof and meow its way to the moon.

There's a new Doge Cat in town.
$kitty is the native token underlying a multifaceted, character-centric ecosystem that aims to bring the satire and community orientation of 'meme coins' into the metaverse through the creation of the interactive virtual being logo character Kitty Inu, and an NFT-based, free-to-play, and play-and-earn game.
In the year 2021, “meme coins”, such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, dominated conversations and became one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies for investors, serving as the first point of contact for most of the new digital asset enthusiasts entering the space. Inspired by the global popularity of “meme coin” phenomena, the Kitty Inu project was created with the intention to bring this satire into the emerging play-and-earn gaming and metaverse sectors of cryptocurrency innovation.

In the year 2021, The Shiba Inus took over the cryptoverse, threatening a world in which Kitties once reigned supreme. Kitty Inu, returns to take back her rightful place in the Inuverse, and establish a new era called 9VRSE.

Join Kitty on the journey.

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