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Knights Of Revalia is a retro styled MMORPG where you craft, explore, fight and trade various items obtained during your quests.

Knights of Revalia is a browser-based RPG game created by saar, a Neo community developer. Players can compete to advance their combat and production skills, collect or craft loot, and trade their riches in NFT form on GhostMarket.

The game’s design throws back to graphical MUDs (multi-user dungeons), precursors to the broader MMORPG genre which popularized virtual game worlds with social elements. Like its progenitors, such as Ultima Online and Runescape, Knights of Revalia (KoR) is a fantasy world with a retro aesthetic.

Playing the game is free; new players can create a character using a traditional username/password login system. Improved account security and functionality can be accessed by instead opting to use a Neo N3 address to create their in-game account. These characters can log in via message signing with NeoLine or O3 wallet and gain access to the game’s NFT integrations.

Account progression
After creating an account, the player will find themself in the starting town, which also acts as the respawn point. Several amenities can be found here: a general store, fishmonger, and places to spend coins on armor and weaponry.

Characters have progression, so completing activities such as cutting trees or catching fish are rewarded with experience. Experience brings higher levels, unlocking new resources, equippable items, or offering other attainable benefits. The game also features quests; chopping down a tree for an old man in the town will result in a windfall of woodcutting experience and a free bronze axe, which can double as a starting weapon.


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