KOGs have a unique combination of designs and borders that make them different in appearance and function. The rarer the KOG the more features it will unlock in the ecosystem.  KOGs come in 10 themed sets that capture time periods, styles and movements that will make you want to horde them all. No collection would be complete without a Slammer and an ultra-rare but the ultimate collectors’ ambition will be to complete the entire set.

KOGs or Keys to Other Games will provide you access to tournaments, games, exclusive levels, rare skins, elusive weapons, and much more across a series of different games.

RFOX Games is a gaming ecosystem platform that supports the KOGs (Keys to Other Games) NFTs. Each NFT (non-fungible token) is an interoperable game piece that can be used across a number of games, as entry to tournaments, access to select skins, weapons, upgrades and early game access.


The RFOX Games token RFOX will be issued as an ERC20 token and use a token bridge to WAX as a starting point, where the first major games will be released.RFOX Games is creating an ecosystem of interoperable, tournament-based video games that utilize emerging technologies. We began this journey in 2019 and laid the foundation for a bright and entertaining future.

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