Kohi x eepmon CityLights is a series created by digital artist, eepmon. Inspired by the vibrant cityscapes of Tokyo, eepmon frequently visits the metropolis for his creative source of inspiration. Kōhī CityLights is limited to 1,024 mints and constructed entirely on-chain in Solidity.Pre-mint starts on March 29th, the Universe Machine collection by Joshua Davis will be compiled to Solidity bytecode via the Kohi Compiler and be permanently preserved on-chain as 1,000 unique pieces of work.Kintsugi
Proof of Concept Collection
Evoking inspiration from the Japanese art of Kintsugi this avant-garde collection subverts expectations, examining the relationship between self and ambition, wholeness, strength and the false value of acquiring precious metals.

With Kohi x eepmon CityLights (Independent Resolution Rendering), we support resolution independence, so artists can provide this benefit to their collectors.

This means you'll be able to download high quality print-ready files of your Kohi NFTs. At this resolution the art detail looks phenomenal and can be applied across a wide range of devices like TV/monitors, phones/tablets and for traditional print.Complete Generative Art API
Inspired by Processing but written in pure Solidity, for general purpose artists' use.

Zero-Gas Rendering
We use batched rendering techniques so that owners and artists can render their work, if needed, without incurring any Ethereum gas costs.

Lives Forever On-Chain
Once the art is produced, it lives forever on-chain, along with its full expression.

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