Kripto Galaxy Battle is an Idle NFT game built on KardiaChain which aims to create a mass-adoption and Play-to-earn ecosystem. It is a strategy game set in a future universe, where participants will explore the galaxy searching for rare gems. Users will have enjoyable gaming experiences and gain profits by completing in-game quests, collecting NFT items, and selling them on Marketplace. The game is the collaboration between a fully-experienced game studio Cyforce and a Defi Platform — BecoSwap.

Kripto Galaxy Battle ($KABA) is a token that uses KRC-20 technology. Its aim is to avoid inflation by limiting the maximum token quantity to five million tokens (5,000,000) that will be distributed in the ecosystem of the game. The $KABA token will be used for:

Payment: Most assets in the game will be payable using KABA tokens. You will use KABA to craft assets gained from the NFT market or participate in events.
Staking: After that, you can choose to stake either KABA token or NFTs assets into pools. The rewards will be returned as new items or KABA tokens.
Rewards: In the game, after having the powerful robots, users simply can also get KABA tokens via missions and gems mining. You can also earn KABA after winning the battles and events.
Breed: Players will use KABA to own and assemble in-game characters.

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