Krypton tycoon is a multi player online Simulation game. The game adopts the season system mode. Each season, players are divided into four camps to fight for the center of the world and win . Different from the traditional payment, krypton tycoon adopts a creative mode which is Staking. Flashing cars is no longer a cost, but an investment. It can not only gain the battle advantage.Decentralized telephony
KRYPTON is like a decentralized version of Skype on the blockchain. Consumers can use any compatible telephony provider at any time, without having to subscribe or trust the provider.Smart contract demonstration
KRYPTON is a Smart Contract and ecosystem to provide SIP registration on the NEO blockchain using a KRYPTON compatible SIP provider. Watch a demonstration of the KRYPTON smart contract in action.While many people still find it difficult to understand the potential of blockchain technology, the KRYPTON concept brings a beautiful example of how dApps can integrate into our lives and solve daily problems. Its idea of a marketplace, where people can choose and interact anytime with their service providers, aims to bring balance and fair competition to telecommunication services by giving users full control and a trustless environment. I'm looking forward to seeing this project in action and to be able to use it.”

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