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The Hyper-Deflationary Token (LEOS) USECASES The DEX Native Token (LEON) USECASES

LEOS is a deflationary token powered by Binance Smart Chain. It also acts as a governance token on our DEX, allowing LEOS holders to influence decisions concerning the project, such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and assisting in shaping the DEX platform’s future. LEOS is also a hyper-deflationary token that combines static profits and automatic burns with every trade. A 2% yield is shared among the holders, and 1% is burnt with each transaction. The total supply of LEOS will eventually reduce to 120M.

- Governance - Buyback - Stake - Priority Access to Initial Jungle Offerings - Surprise Games with LEOS - Security Assessment and Smart Contract Audit Services with LEOS - UNILeos Limited Edition NFT with LEOS - Auction Platform

Leonicornswap is a sophisticated decentralized exchange, and LEON token is a BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain, which works as a platform token for the Leonicornswap platform. LEON is a native token on DEX that will incentivize the users for staking, farming etc. Also, users can use their earned LEON token to stake and earn other tokens. LEON can be used to mint NFT, play the lottery, participate in IDOs and other gambling programs that will come in the future.

- Swap - Yield Farming - Staking - Lottery - NFT Marketplace - UNILeon Limited Edition NFT with LEON - Priority Access to IFOs/IDOs

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