💠 P2E Blockchain Gaming Platform LevelUP Gaming

🕹 LevelUp is your one stop P2E Blockchain Gaming Platform built for both players and game developers.

Simplifying the process of integrating Smart Contract to your games. Game developers can now focus on building your games! Players will get to play and earn from different games listed in the platform.

✳️ Bullish community

❇️ Real World Use case


✅ PinkSale KYC Badge 👈🏻

✅ CG & CMC Listed within 48H of launch

😸 PACatto is the first LevelUP Gaming of many games released and powered up by LevelUP 💪🏻.

❇️ Our main goal is to create a sustainable platform where we break the boundaries of the BSC loop, bringing real value into our project and re-investing it.

👉🏻 Tokenomics LevelUP GamingInfo:

✅ 4% Buy / 11% Sell | Prize Pool

✅ 4% Development

✅ 2% Liquidity

✅ Total Buy & Sell Tax 10% / 17%

LevelUp is a P2E Blockchain Gaming Platform aiming to provide game developers with the capabilities to launch their own P2E blockchain games with ease. No solidity coding is required, simply navigate through our platform and customize your own Tokenomics with just a few clicks.

Players will get access to a library of games powered by both LevelUp and our vetted game developing partnerships. Play your choice of games and get
incentivized with $LVLUP earnings!

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