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What is Light Year?
Welcome to the Light Year universe, a fully decentralized space strategy game based on Binance Smart Chain. With an open-world environment, Light Year brings the wildest experience of space exploration into realization. Players are free to mine natural resources, build starships, summon heroes, battle against other players, trade with each other in the marketplace, and join alliances or nations to fight side by side . What is real, what is un-real? With
Light Year, we want to bring the
most mind-blowing experience to people who love space exploration.
Well, physically, we can’t send you to space with a rocket yet; however,
thanks to the newest development of blockchain technology, here we
are able to create a virtual world, a first-of-its-kind space-themed
metaverse, where you can explore unknown territory, and compete
with thousands of other players online.
You are the commander! Manage your fleets, build new spaceships,
recruit heroes, mine for resources, and defeat the invaders! To start
playing the game, all you need to do is to stake some blockchain
assets (for example, LP tokens or USDC) to the game.
Light Year is
free to play, as you retain your staked assets when you exit from the
Moreover, all in-game assets are created as NFT (Non-Fungible Token)
in the blockchain. You have the full-control of them, and are free to
trade them with other players.
Finally, this is a game where you can “play-to-earn”. Based on battling
results and other metrics, we reward players with
LC (Light Coin),
which is the governance token of the game; and as an early adopter
of the game, you have a very good chance to earn more.
The game will eventually be governed by the players, and
LC holders
make important decisions of the game’s economy through voting.
With our hard work, together with the help of the community,
Year will evolve into a virtual world that blurs the real with the unreal.

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