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What is Lives of Asuna?
Customize Asuna and shape her story An accomplished idol in another life

FROM A DEMON-LORD IN ONE LIFE... a mech pilot in another, Lives of Asuna is a collection conceived and designed by ZumiDraws that explores the many lives of our titular character as she exists across the vast multiverse.

Totalling 10,000, each Asuna NFT is a unique combination of traits inspired by the rich world of anime, ranging from sci-fi and fantasy to slice-of-life.

Asuna NFTs can be customized and shaped to your imagination with special items to alter her appearance. These items will be released after the initial launch and can be traded.

Asuna can do it all -- including life as a musician across the multiverse. Hearing Asuna’s music will illuminate how imaginative your Asuna’s life can be. Endless possibilities and stories await. We will release Asuna’s first song prior to the launch of the collection

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