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We are Lofi Kitties ! We sleep during the day and roam streets at night! We are a collection of colourful retro cats created with utility and purpose who will be by your side during your crypto adventures! Take a look at our roadmap and become a part of an exciting journey!


LOFI-DEFI was working with LofiKitties in order to make a NFT collection that would be used in conjunction with a play to earn game in which you would be able to earn LOFI tokens. Our lead developer worked on the project in order to make the randomization script, smart contract and the website. We also participated in the marketing and community building for LofiKitties including some of our moderators and admins.

Unfortunately the launch experienced technical difficulties which lead to multiple people getting failed transactions when they tried to mint 5 kitties from the website which lead to lost funds from gas. The whitelist that had been curated ended up not functioning like it was supposed to, some of the people that were whitelisted couldn’t mint and some people that claimed they weren’t whitelisted could mint directly from the contract. After about a hour, they decided to just open it up to the public to make it as fair as possible for everyone. On top of this some of the kitties that were supposed to be unique ended up having duplicates. The time frame was rushed and the end product as a result wasn’t perfect. That being said, the NFT collection was launched and sold out in about 10 minutes after going public.

The reception during and after the launch was toxic to put it mildly. God bless Larienne, she’s an artist not an executive or a PR specialist or a hostage negotiator. People having been saying just awful terrible things to her and ya know.. It’s a lot for anybody to handle. The price floor has been consistently falling and the feedback she’s been getting has just been so awful that she ultimately decided to just pull the plug on it.

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