Loser Land is a 2D open-world turn-based game developed by LoserCoin community. The current season is "Squid Game", where player can attack each other and those survive at the end of game and share all the prize in the pool. People need to first buy a land to play the game, which cost two $squid in the cherryswap. Loser Land  All  $squid will be accumulated in the pool. After entering the game, player can can walk around in the map, build house, fish pond or mine, fight to neighbors  and mine/fish the $squid in the game. Want to start the journey? Take care and good luck guys. Next season "Sunflower Farm" is coming soon, stay tuned!

Loser Land (Sunflower Farmers) is the second chapter of Loser Land, followed by "Prologue: Punk Era" and "Chapter 1:Squid Game". It began as a project for the METAFORCE Hackathon hosted by OEC.
Unlike "Punk Era" and "Squid Game" which are developed from beginning by ourselves, "Sunflower Farmers" is forked from a project that deployed on Polygon network, which achieved a big success but finally paused due to bots that crowding into the game.
For now, Loser Land (Sunflower Farmers) just almost the same with the origin version, inheriting the both advantages and flaws. We believe one day bots will enter into Loser Land either. Hope when that day comes we are ready to release the next chapter.
As like the origin version, instead of pre-mining $SFF, I made the decision to launch the game for free for the community to play. No centralised server and the only requirement was a donation to play. We're not doing this for money, nor have we farmed many tokens for now. We can't offer you much to join our community of designers and developers except the chance to realize your ideas for our lovely community. If you have any ideas, welcome to join us.

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