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What is LoserChick?
LoserChick is the first global 3D “Claw Crane” on-chain game, which integrates NFT and GameFi financial gameplay on the basis of the game, such as liquidity mining, NFT minting, NFT stake mining, asset trading, etc.

In LoserChick, players can not only play games freely, but also continuously enjoy various financial services to earn while playing.

In addition, LoserChick also got unique advantages in the design of economic model, which adopts the innovative design of “Dual-token & NFT” and the first global “Buring deflation & Dual deflation” mechanism to achieve the most extreme deflation effect and sustainable growth of the game’s economic value.

LoserChick is built by Emoji DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization with members from all over the world.

As early supporters of the crypto world, they came together for LoserChick, each leveraging their abilities in game design, economic model design, smart contract writing, and marketing operations to create this new GameFi & NFT platform, which is entirely community-based.

The LoserChick game team once developed a centralized “Claw Crane” game with a DAU of 10W, MAU of 50W, millions of registrants, and monthly revenue of 20 million, ranking among the top games of the same genre.

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