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What is LovePot?
A LovePot is a no-loss “jackpot” pool similar to the service pioneered by Pool Together. Users stake tokens to a LovePot during an initial Staking Period (e.g. the first 24 hours). At the end of this initial Period, the Pot is closed to further staking and for the next 6 days (the Farming Period), the Pot farms all of the pooled assets to generate a pooled yield. (Note: technically, the LovePot begins staking tokens as soon as they are staked, but in the interests of simplicity, we call the next 6 days after staking closes the Farming Period). At the end of the Farming Period, one user is randomly selected as the winner, based on a composite weighting of the Number of Tokens they have contributed to the LovePot times the Speed multiple (S) and the History multiple (H) (so that the composite weighting = # Tokens X S X H).

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