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Lucky Unicorn Metaverse is a NFT Gaming Platform that runs on Lucky Network. Allowing players to hatch, raise and battle with their unicorns. With Guild System, players could build their own empire with hundreds and thousands of unicorns.

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13.7 billion years ago, the Big Bang created our universe. Parallelly, a legendary universe was born. Thousands of mythical creatures reside in this world, varying from centaur to unicorn. Wielding different abilities, those astonishing creatures built a magical world in which they freely breed, roam, battle with each other. Dive into the world of Lucky Unicorn to continue writing your own story in this mythical land!

Lucky Network is a Blockchain platform, born with the goal of
optimizing the GameNFT and Metaverse experiences with outstanding
features such as extremely low and adjustable Gas fee for each
GameFi transaction, high processing speed and block confirmation,
open platform to support smart contract launch for other projects.
Lucky Network maintains the usage of Ethereum Virtual Machine
(EVM) to support Solidity so other existing projects could move to Lucky
Network with minimized changes to their codebase.
Lucky Network develops an ecosystem of main areas: AMM Dex,
Wallet, Launchpad, Blockchain, DAO, stable coin and most importantly, the
Legendary Metaverse.
Lucky Network (LN) also allows project issuers to launch smart
contracts on LN Chain and supports bridging with ecosystems like
Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche C-Chain, Solana, Ethereum,...etc
Lucky Network uses L99 (Lucky Unicorn Token) as the main platform
coin in the entire ecosystem. In this ecosystem, Lucky Unicorn is a
GameFi with the coin mining mechanism defined as "Proof of Playing",
meaning that players could earn L99 coin while playing, and that's the
only way L99 is created.
L99 while being used in Lucky Unicorn, can be used as platform fee
for other projects that are run on LN chain, creating more usability for
the L99 coin minted. L99 is burnt through time, eventually creating the
scarcity for the L99.

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