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Mafagafo is an nft game with a unique, singular profile, which stands out for its exceptionality. It is aimed at those looking to combine fun and profitability at the same time! An online multiplayer game with the objective of pleasing the public through the presentation of several maps, multiplicity of items, exclusive characters and an ecosystem accessible to any player looking not only for fun, but also for profitability. Mafagafo will revolutionize the nft games market for its authenticity in revealing that it is easy to win playing!

The game
On a small paradise island, the gangly Mafagafos are found, curious birds incapable of flight, extremely adaptable and smart. From time to time, they build a large nest, where the great Sniffler from the Snitch's nest will be chosen. For this choice, a big competition is held, in order to decide by mucking around who is the best.

Be ready for any challenge
Competition is undoubtedly part of the essence of these birds. It can manifest itself in fishing, running or challenging obstacles! What drives them is the challenge to always be the best!

For each round, the challenge is chosen at random from those available for the season. The maps have unique difficulties, routes and surprises challenging players to adapt to new situations.

The great Mafagafador (Champion)
At the end of a match, and through the 3 maps that represent a full match, all 15 players will be rewarded according to their placement throughout the maps played in said match. The placement achieved in a map (or maps, if the player is not eliminated on the first map) will define the amount of Mafapoints (MP) that each player will earn. The first 5 players will be rewarded an equal amount of Mafapoints, and the last 10 players will also receive an equal - although lower - amount.

Rare and highly desired specimens
The types of birds that can be acquired change with the season and, consequently, towards the end of the season, the acquired characters become increasingly significant, valuing their NFTs.

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