Mageo is a free-to-experience 🕹️ virtual world 🗺️ mapped on top of 🌎 the entire planet. You can own certain 🎟️ tokenized 🎭 characters, 🛠️ objects and even 👤 user profiles, all of which are ❤️ alive and 🏃 active in the world of Mageo - they can 📈 gain or 📉 lose popularity, 🚶 move around the virtual world and 👋 interact with 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 other users.

NFTs have arrived on Mageo! Our members are already used to working, studying, pursuing goals, talking to friends, eating, playing and sharing their everyday lives in a geolocation-based environment available across all devices and requiring no special hardware. Now, you can move further with us into the metaverse and capitalize on your efforts with a chance at real-world profits by becoming a Mageo Superstar and having your profile and avatar turned into an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

We’ll pick one winner each Friday in January. If you are chosen, you’ll be asked to opt in and supply us with your crypto wallet address. You’ll also be given the option to use your registered name or create a nickname that will be attached to the NFT. If you choose to participate, we’ll mint your avatar and profile as an NFT and send it to your wallet.

Submitting your profile for consideration is easy. Register at if you haven’t already, and look in your profile for the “Tokenize this object” button (see below). Click it to submit your profile. Only serious submissions will be considered. In general, it takes at least a week of dedicated game play to acquire the digital assets (clothes, accessories, pets, etc.) to put together a quality avatar that will stand out from the crow

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