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The objective of is simply to mint "The Golden Manny" which exists as token id 404 in an ERC721 contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

The only way to mint The Golden Manny is to call mintGoldManny() in the contract while owning 1 of each type of rare Manny. There are 7 rare Mannys represented by token ids 1-403 out of a total supply of 1616. Every rare Manny comes with a serial number and special skin type, similiar to modern chase sports cards. Mannys will be available to mint for 0.1ETH each, up to a maximum of 64 per wallet.

Once a player owns The Golden Manny, they can call the winTheGame() function in the contract to win the game and withdraw the contract's Ethereum balance (60% of mint sales). The contract will store the winner's address and this site will update to congratulate the winner.

At contract launch, a full set of the rare Mannys will be minted to a vault account. This is to prevent a situation in which the game becomes unwinnable via bad faith actors. Token ID #1 will be minted to my wallet for metaverse use. If no one wins after 404 days, I will call the contract's withdraw function and declare the game over.

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