Description is Metaverse with created Virtual Mars. It has deflationary MARS$ & 1st in the World Revenue Generating NFTs, which leverages property rights and incentivises holding & spending tokens on in-world assets and resources.

Interactive 3D Virtual World with the Red planet divided into land plots, each represented by a unique NFT.
• Dual tokenomics of a Fixed supply MARS 4 tokens 4B for gaming, trading and NFT minting & Fixed supply of Mars NFTs (99.888 NFTs representing Mars surface).
• Liquidity mining - tokens are redistributed to the NFT holders.

Virtual economy with MARS 4 tokens for:
• Terraforming the NFT holders territory.
• Gamification / simulation.
• Ownership Certificate
• Name of your land
• Avatars
• Logos & Branding
• Ather in-game assets in Virtual Mars
(Buildings, Equipments, Shops, Galleries, Games)

Tokens are redistributed to NFT owners /
Gamers who staked NFT / MARS4 in the
protocol. P2E mechanic TBD.
• Share of distribution is dependant on your NFT
land plots owned.
• Part of Mars 4 will be burned in relation with NFT

This Investor Presentation is being distributed between the proposed sponsors to assess their interest for investment in Mars 4 Tokens "Mars 4”. The
contents of this Investor Presentation have been compiled by Mars4 team on the basis of information and documents obtained from a variety of sources,
which constitute confidential information and is to be used solely for the purpose of evaluating an investment in Mars4 tokens.

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