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MASD GAMES is the first attempt to create a truly public platform with an exciting storyline that would attract, firstly, ordinary players, and secondly, blockchain enthusiasts and DeFi fans. It has a familiar and intuitive interface with lots of features to explore. In MASD, only you will decide how much you want to participate in the decentralized functions of the game and DeFi. Moreover, we designed the game in such a way that it "lives forever” with a narrative that will never become boring. The game is aimed at a diverse gaming community that can easily connect from conventional platforms such as EPIC GAMES and STEAM. Our main line of comparison lies in the traditional gaming market, where the same players as our audience are focused. We are introducing a new unobtrusive way to connect an exciting game narrative to the functions of the blockchain. MASD GAMES has the potential to attract millions of gamers and the associated great revenue opportunities.

MASD GAMES is a 3D multiplayer shooter game using blockchain technology. Players have to complete challenges, buy equipment and destroy opponents. The gaming process is crystal clear: you are thrown onto the map, then you choose a weapon and that’s it — your aim is to survive.

MASD can be run on both Windows and MacOS. The game is available for free or with a battle pass.

The uniqueness of MASD is users’ ability to earn by playing. You just need to get the battle pass and join battles to start earning tokens. The earning mechanic is plain and simple for the player. There’s no need to spend much time to figure out how it works, unlike in other complex GameFi.

The creation of MASD GAMES was inspired by such games as CS:GO, RUST, PUBG and APEX. We added the best from the GameFi world and traditional shooter games.

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