Memenopoly- the meme themed, yield generating blockchain play to earn game running on BSC! Join us in the next evolution of gamified yield generation, leveraging the power of NFTs to reward players and farmers. We have taken one of the best board games and turned it into a digital crypto gaming platform!Rules of the Game
Roll Every 4 Hours
Collect a Pay Day When you pass GO (10 MNOP x your level)
4x the Pay Day if you land on GO
Stake Properties to collect a share of the Rent
10% of Rent paid is sent to the Jackpot, 10% is Burned, 5% to the dev, the rest is split between all stakers
Roll once a day to avoid being locked out of your NFT Farms
Harvest once a day to avoid hitting max yield.
Land on Chests (75 MNOP) or the Moon Jackpot (250+ MNOP) for instant rewards
Avoid getting sent to Pepe Jail! You burn the jackpot, lose a level and have to wait 3x longer to roll again!♟Memenopoly♟ |Listed on Coingecko!!!|Play to Earn |Dev is doxxed through Reliance Project! use the LP farms and earn NFT reward points Mr. D, the developer and founder of Memenopoly will be filling the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Pocket, LLC. Having already produced a fully functional and revenue-generating play to earn (p2e) game, an NFT sales platform, and numerous other key technical developments, we will have the framework in place to truly revolutionize the play to earn and NFT space. Partnering with Pocket breathes new into the current Memenopoly product, which will now have the support of the full Pocket Core Team to propel it forward.

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