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Merge Cats is a crypto game with the ability to earn and withdraw cryptocurrency Open boxes with cats, buy cats, run them on the flight strip so that they earn coins; Performing daily quest quests - get SOULS, tokens that can be withdrawn to a crypto wallet Explore new locations Participate and win tokens reward tournaments. Over 75 842 token withdrawal transactions completed . At CryptoSoul, we use a new economic model of the game focused on a player receiving a valuable game reward. A player receives tokens, which have a real value, for his game achievements. This is the beginning of a new trend in gaming industry that will change the perception of games. Getting a currency that has value will become commonplace.There are 3 billion players in the world according to; in the history of video games in tournaments, 78,549 players received prizes in 455 different games. Merge Cats This is 1 out of 38,000 of the total number of players in the world. Achievements of most players do not have a material price, since game currency is not valued in the real world. Also, there is the lack of a legal way to withdraw money from games. These are the main reasons for the low number of earning players.

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