In META NEBULAS, we gather humans and ensure that we blend into other planets as space cryptopunks in order to discover more. Hence, this is why we have gathered Social Mining, DeFi and NFT in just one platform, which is META NEBULAS. META NEBULAS can bring about the meaning of ‘beyond the interstellar space’ and as we are a SocialFi project; needless to say, it’s SOCIALIZE AND EA

ONZ is one of the main tokens in Meta Nebulas ecosystem. Before getting into why you should buy NFT with IONZ, let’s have a look at the background story of IONZ.

“IONZ” was derived from ion, which is an atom or molecule with a net electrical charge. The charge of an electron is considered negative by convention and this charge is equal and opposite to the charge of a proton, which is considered positive by convention.

Ion is said to be the most common element to form anything such as energy, substances and even humans. Hence we believe that IONZ would form the “social energy” as it is the “link-bridge” between humans. And this is why our main currency is called IONZ as we have a mission of connecting everyone with IONZ.

So why should you purchase Meta Nebulas NFT with IONZ? In Meta Nebulas, each NFT has a special function which we call SocialFi Mining. So how does it work? Players can complete simple social missions such as saying hello to friends or any other players in Meta Nebulas. Once players have completed the social missions, they will be rewarded in another coin called SOLARIX. Hence this is the reason why one of our taglines is SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN.

Other than purchasing IONZ, players may participate in our SOLARIX Stakepool where players could harvest IONZ as reward by staking SOLARIX. In short, there are more than one method for you to acquire IONZ.

Our NFT will be on sale soon! Stay tuned for the update.

So what are you waiting for?

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