Meta Spatial is a virtual super universe (Metaverse) comprising a variety of infinite spaces. Thanks to modern technologies associated with virtual reality, Meta Spatial aims to create factual Metaverse spaces. Meta Spatial is a Metaverse platform to create an incubator for future startups related to Entertainment, Applications, Art. MetaSpatial acts as the Pioneer to provide a new generation of technology that embodies humans into the virtual environment and creates the Metaverse dimension.MetaSpatial is a Metaverse virtual universe researched and developed by the Spatial Studio. MetaSpatial is inspired by science fiction novels. The Spatial Universe is an unlimited super universe where the spaces are linked together through the Spatial Portal. The Spatial studio will build fantasy spaces stage by stage via understanding ideas from the community, especially the DAO community. MetaSpatial will provide users with the most extensive and authentic experiences by creating unlimitedly different spaces and applying XR - Virtual Reality and Extended Reality Technology in the MetaSpatial ecosystem. As a participant, you will have the freedom to create digital assets (Non-Fungible Tokens, or called NFTs), upload them to the marketplace to experience various spaces. MetaSpatial also aims to take blockchain into the mainstream game, appealing to both crypto and none crypto gamers by offering the advantages of real ownership, digital scarcity, monetization ability, and interoperability.

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