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What is mfers?
the world of mfers i envisioned would epitomize the simple idea that “we all mfers.” there is no king, ruler, or defined roadmap--and mfers can build whatever they can think of with these mfers. i didn’t know what that would ultimately look like--and that was the point…nobody does. there’s also no official discord. mfers then created an ‘officially unofficial discord’ that now has thousands of members doing remarkable things, so i hear. i am not in it - this is by design. mfers don’t need sartoshi’s approval or looking over their shoulder as they experiment and build. my view of what is most valuable for me to offer to mfer holders is to amplify the best of their ideas and creations to reach vastly greater audiences…and add value for holders when the opportunities strike, including linking with artists who might create other nfts for mfer holders to claim.

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