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Organizations need to embrace the culture of innovation to create value and drive business outcomes to emerge victorious and beat the challenges in the race for excellence. Enterprises willing to succeed in today’s digital, competitive and disruptive technological era must have a far-sighted vision and targeted approach to build stronger customer relations, make smarter decisions, improve process efficiency and deliver customer tailored products and services.

Enterprise AI and analytics is reshaping how many business models work and addresses the critical business and operational challenges in an innovative and efficient manner and thus undergoing digital transformation is a key priority for every enterprise across industries.
The success of any enterprise depends on its ability to anticipate the market changes and rapidly scaling its operations to meet the market needs in immediate and effective manner. Time and again, business use cases of Implementation of AI & Analytics has proved to improve the overall operational efficiency, profitability, boosting
revenue, better decision making, cost cutting and time saving while minimizing inefficiencies and scope for errors often associated with human led intervention.

Identifying the scope of AI & analytics, realizing the barriers to AI adoption and carving out ways to make AI
adoption more transparent and customer friendly is the key to successfully lead the digital transformation journey
and implement enabling technologies within an enterprise.

Catering to the masses of the MENA region, we are back with our Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit 2022,UAE Edition. A platform to address all your apprehensions regarding AI adoption within an enterprise and to
get well acquainted with the recent trends and successful implementation use cases from the business leaders and tech-solution providers across the MENA region.

Join us and find out the latest trends in the industry and get in touch with the community of professionals.

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Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

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