What is MilkFarm Miner?
What is MilkFarm?

MilkFarm is a cryptocurrency brand on the Binance Smart Chain, that includes, a token, a miner and play to earn games.

To read about our token and play to earn games, please read our whitepaper at

What is MilkFarm Miner?

MilkFarm is a locked BNB Staking Pool, also reffered to as a miner. Investors are able to make returns on their investment up to 15% daily. Daily percentage depends on various factors such as selling habits, the time of day you sell or hire, the TVL pool, the amount of MILKERS you have hired and the price of BNB.

How does it work?

To start earning 15% daily rewards, you must first HIRE MILKERS through the D'app on our website. Then those MILKERS will start minting MILK that you can either sell or use to REHIRE MILKERS.

What is the price fo MILK?

MILK does not have a set price. LOWER TVL means more MILK per BNB, HIGHER TVL means less MILK per BNB.

Can you sell everyday?

To prevent dumps, we have incorporated an automated anti-dump sell tax feature into the smart contract of the miner. If people sell inconsiderately they will be penalized, and if they hold properly they will be rewarded. Your current tax will be shown by a pop up message after clicking sell. You can read about this in detail in our whitepaper

Thank you for your consideration.

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