Minnowbooster Steem Power Delegation & Post Promotion Markets.

What is STEEM POWER delegating?

Minnow booster- When you obtain STEEM, you can power that up to STEEM POWER to increase your vote value. Getting STEEM POWER back to STEEM takes 13 weeks, but you can lend out your STEEM POWER safely (total control remains for you). Lending STEEM POWER out serves the purpose of temporarily making other users vote more valuable, until you decide to take the STEEM POWER back

How to delegate STEEM POWER to MinnowBooster?

Use this form on our website You need to authorize with your active key

What are the returns from delegating to MinnowBooster

Returns are variable and fluctuate heavily based on our daily revenue, but to get an approximate number of the most recent short-term period, please take a look at our Statistics page

What’s the minimum amount of STEEM POWER to delegate

The minimum recommended amount to delegate is approximately 10-20 STEEM/SP, below that, daily returns could be too small to pay out, depending on profit shares and various other factors.

How to undelegate your STEEM POWER from MinnowBooster

Use this link to undelegate all your Steem Power from MinnowBooster:

Why isn’t the STEEM POWER back in my account after undelegating?

- By Steem network rule, this takes 5 days, so people wouldn’t abuse voting

- Check that you actually used the link sent to your wallet by MinnowBooster. Verify undelegation here

In short: if you delegate to us:

- you get 90% of the sell (SBD sent for using your SP)

- you have to wait 5 days to get your Steem Power back

- your voting power is untouched


- Your vote value decreases

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