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Monster Academy is an exciting and highly playable 3D game of monster combat, sold by the unique method of redemption based on the contribution of DAO, and will offer you a brand new gaming experience featuring fair competition, the fun monster blind box, the unique monster composition and the combat mode in which players and monsters cooperate with each other.

Any player can obtain different NFTs that can be traded in the market for game tokens by understanding gameplay, mastering game skills and making contributions to the game ecology. Through training and combat, players can obtain blind box fragments and compose them into blind boxes which can produce important NFTs such as monster eggs, monster components, and experience potions. Through monster egg incubation or monster composition, you will have chances to own super rare monsters, which will make you a good fortune, or the darling on battle field. Monster Academy will bring you a completely different visual and combat experience.
Monster Academy also features a seamless integration between gaming and blockchain – your game assets can be transferred to the chain at any time via peer-to-peer transactions; or if you want to play the game, just reverse the above transactions. This not only help maximize your gaming experience, but also ensure the security and privacy of your game assets, and the player's assets will not be affected in any way during the process.
We are pleased to present you a fun game with exquisite design, excellent user experience and is beginner-friendly.
The game is designed based on the economic model of PLAY TO EARN by which gamer can make real money while enjoying the game.
The game is designed for gamers who want to increase their income through gaming and does not require the gamers to have much knowledge about blockchain.

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