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Monster Valley is inspired by Monster Story, our mission is to bring a completely new experience to players by combining the Gamification and Blockchain with Monster Digital.

Hatching your own powerful team of monsties is key to completing your quest in Monster Valley. A key to success in Monster Valley: Wings of Ruin is finding new 'Monsties' for your party, developing their abilities and ensuring you have the tools to succeed throughout the story.Why BSC?

Blockchain has evolved from the tech powering cryptocurrencies to a solution for many industries, with online gaming at the very top. Blockchain gaming allows for fast and secure in-game payments and grants immutable proof of ownership of game items via NFTs.
The addition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the blockchain gaming realm adds a social and competitive component to the acquisition, collection, and trading of NFTs, making this new technology more accessible and engaging for a mainstream audience.
Binance Smart Chain is now the home of a wide array of decentralized applications. In the past week, games and play-to-earn opportunities on BSC have gone through a significant uptick in traffic, and unique wallet interactions.
A New Blockchain Innovation
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has become a hub for innovation in regards to NFT Gaming. We recently touched on the revolutionary impact Blockchain technology was having on gaming.
With such an incredible variety of gaming options currently on BSC, we thought we’d take a look at why more and more people are flooding in to partake.
The growth has been astounding. DappRadar recently cited CryptoBlades when earmarking that there was a 963% growth in unique wallets when compared to the previous week.
Even Total Daily Transactions on Binance Smart Chain soared to above an incredible 7 million, dwarfing Ethereum’s daily transaction rate by a monumental 6 times.
Binance Smart Chain pushes play-to-earn
As more and more players turn to blockchain-based games because of their play-to-earn mechanics, Binance Smart Chain is actively becoming a big development ground. Axie Infinity decided to build the Ronin sidechain to surpass Ethereum’s limitations in terms of transaction processing and high gas fees. On the other hand, BSC never had that problem, to begin with.
As an established name in the blockchain industry, BSC is steadily attracting both more developers and more players. The play-to-earn sector is still in its infancy. However, the trends we see with BSC are a sure sign that it is only going to become bigger.

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