MonsterMerchant offers an online multiplayer 2D world with a 100% player  controlled economy, with great social features, random loot chance, a  collection of equipment and cosmetics, constantly developed new areas,  an endless level progression system and much more to come!

Version 1.0 releases the adventurers class (Warrior, Magician,  Archer, Barbarian), a max hero level cap of 10, and 2 game modes -  adventure and boss expedition. MonsterMerchant focuses entirely on  creating engaging co-op gameplay where heroes can compete to be the most  powerful.

Start your adventure now and have a chance to earn KRONOS tokens and unique powerful equipment!General Gameplay

Initially, players will have to mint an NFT Merchant Hero to be able to play the game. We will consider if to encourage free-to-play by releasing a beginner class with limited access to the world. This will depend on the popularity of the game at main release.
To start with, every player must create and account on our website. This will allow the player to access the MonsterMerchant DApp.
There are 4 playable classes at the release of Version 1.0, these are Warrior, Magician, Archer and Barbarian. Each class uses a different weapon and learns different attack skills as they level up.
Each hero will have base stats: STR for warrior and barbarian INT for mage DEX for archer
Players must defeat monsters with their hero in the several game modes to obtain EXP for leveling up and to have a chance at earning items and KRONOS.
Version 1.0 has a max level cap of 10. We will add more levels later as more updates are released.
Each level awards the hero with 5 stat points which can be used to increase the base stats of the hero which will in turn increase the damage dealt by the hero.
All heroes share a common stat called ATTACK POWER. this stat is used to calculate the amount of damage done on monsters. It will depend on variety of factors including hero level, weapon attack, total hero stats, item enhancements, monster defense.
As of now players can choose between 4 classes when they select their hero.
Warrior - relies on STR and is a close range damage dealer Archer - relies on DEX and is a far range damage dealer Barbarian - relies on STR and is a close range tank Mage - relies on INT and is a far range damage dealer
Each class will have a different skill. Each class will be able to level up to increase damage output and stats. Higher level heroes will be able to equip better items. All heroes will be fully customizable from head to toe. The world will be full of different equipment which will be dropped from monsters and party raids.
More classes will be introduced as more areas of the game are created.
The world will be full of different equipment which will be dropped from monsters and party raids.

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