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Monsters of Rap- Rory McQueen has paid homage to some of the biggest names from hip hop history in this gruesomely graphic 30 card set.

The release sees Busta Rhymes, Easy E, Nas, The Beastie Boys and many more with a horror makeover.

The 30 musicians included were chosen for their huge contributions to hip hop but this was no mean feat, the list of rap monsters was huge and there is definitely scope for series 2, 3, 4, and on!

“I wanted the first set to include some real heavyweight legends, recognisable artists that we all know and love. Each have made a huge impact on the industry and that was the main criteria for my selection.

I did include a few UK Grime MCs to mix it up a bit, UK grime and hip hop scenes are absolutely thriving right now with an incomparable sound.

I would love to do a set of British Rap Monsters!” - Rory McQueenKool Keith is an educated man, boasting a pair of doctorates — one in dooomology and another in octagon mathematics. With this immense medical and scientific background at his disposal, Keith has come to operate. Production on Keith’s albums is eerily evil; his music is an LSD experience gone horribly wrong. Bizarre, ethereal sound effects and tight, piercing drum loops prepare the listener for a down and dirty lyrical delivery that’s been cultivated since Keith first arrived on the rap scene with the Ultramagnetic MCs. Verses contain unique rhyme structures and original metaphors, and range from classic emcee braggadocio to tales of robbery and street sex. Keith’s latest LP “Computer Technology” entirely produced by Junkaz Lou is yet another work of art. No MC on the planet is so grimy and yet so polished — after years in the rap game, Kool Keith’s as unique as ever.

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