monsterslayer is an esport game based on blockchain technology. Start your adventure and win PvE tournaments to earn real money. Free to play, play to earn, now!Welcome to Monster Slayer. We are here to change the way you see the game: Play to earn.
🗡monsterslayer allows users to become owners and monetize Blockchain based video games. Earn $MS by participating in daily battles and decide Heroes' future.
🎯Inspired by legendary and mythical warriors, we will recreate the heroic history pages of the heroes, you will see the following: Robin Hood, the mighty female Amazon warriors and many other characters.
🌏We've recognized the flaws of the current money making game and understood why they died prematurely, we are here to change that and go a long way with you, with a hero system and bonuses additionally added with technical calculations, we will minimize the loss of value of $MS.
🌓Monster Slayer will attest that we've proven our dedication to this project. Join us and earn lots of $MS to bring the most profit to you, we are here to change.💫 Inspired by myriad LEGENDARY hero characters, we built our own character system based on a wide range of illustrious heroes that you have heard of once in a while: Robin Hood, female Amazon warriors, audacious ancient Greece warriors. 🎯The game relives the war in the name of justice between heroes and the forces of darkness which invades the Earth and takes away the freedom of innocent people, all the heroes rose and fought for the world’s peace. monsterslayer ⚔️Our character system consists of 5 categories: The Warrior,The Assassin, The Archer, The Mage, and The Knight. Each category has 6 characters: male and female characters in 3 levels with differences in appearance in each level, which adds up to 30 hero characters and 4 monster systems representing the forces of darkness. ❤️With our devotion to game design, we are putting every effort into creating a unique character system to bring the most realistic experience to gamers. Besides earning money from our game, it’s guaranteed that you guys will not feel bored playing our wonderful game.

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