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Moon – a decentralized real-time virtual Lunar World simulating metaverse built on Binance Smart Chain. The game-type inspired platform combines concepts of Play-to-Earn + Play-to-Learn for exploring the Conspiracy Theories present on the Moo n, the Dark Side mysteries, leveling up in-game, and assuring lifetime passive income based on NFT land-powered multiplayer space colonization.

NFT Landowners can earn passive income by renting their land hexes, and earning MOON tokens from transactions in their hex, combined with inter-planet trading of resources.Moon is a part of the Solar Multiverse, which allows players of Ertha, Venus, and other joined planets to travel, trade, and interact in the VR space ecosystem.

Moon is an interactive economic, political, and social Metaverse created to virtually explore and colonize the moon. Built on Binance Blockchain, it offers a sophisticated gameplay featuring multiple actions players need to take to do business, build communities, and create a thriving civilization – all in a lunar setting.
Moon is inspired by the most famous and successful open-ended and Real-Time Strategy games of all time, including Sim City, Rise of Nations, and Age of Empires. Moon’s 126,000 HEX virtual land plots, represented by NFTs, allow players to start businesses, build real estate, and develop other activities that generate income in Moon tokens (2MOON). Lunar land plots can be bought, sold, rented, and consolidated to form political entities (countries) which can then form alliances, go to war, and levy taxes on all economic activity within their borders – exactly like the real world.
The expansion of the Moon ecosystem, and the addition of a wider range of in-game NFT assets (oxygen supplies, excavation equipment, shops products, weapons, etc.), support the long-term value of 2MOON token, generating real profits for token holders. Gameplay also offers a variety of play-to-earn activities that can reward players with extra 2MOON tokens – including solving lunar mysteries, exploring the dark side of the moon, and discovering conspiracy theories.
Moon intends to further develop the platform by eventually allowing space travel, starting from the moon, and the creation of potential new interplanetary Metaverses. The combination of a unique gameplay, a wide range of NFTs, and an ecosystem built to increase the long-term value of 2MOON tokens, Moon is aiming to become the next major success story in the Metaverse space.

The Backstory
The moon.

Civilizations across the planet and across millennia have worshipped it – calling it Ishtar, Selene, Chandra, Ratih, Artemis, Khonsu, and dozens more names. It has been seen as a symbol of fertility, femininity, alchemy, the rhythm of time, immortality, birth, death, and what lies hidden from view.
Men have travelled to it, landed on it, and brought back to Earth parts of it – but they have never been able conquer it.
Today, we aim to leverage Blockchain technology to create the ultimate Metaverse beyond Earth, a virtual game unlike any the world has ever seen – Moon. A Metaverse that encompasses humanity’s deepest dream, which is to make the moon part of our common destiny and our future as a species. A new place for humanity to express its creativity, its ambitions, and its desire to never stop moving forward. A new, incredible world – beyond our world.

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