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What is Mortegard?
Mortegard is a fantasy kingdom game built for the Polygon Network. In the Kingdom Building client, you own and place castles(ERC-1155 NFTs) in order to claim land which you can then use to further develop the economy of your kingdom. Resources generated by your kingdom are represented by ERC-20 tokens and can be traded in Uniswap LPs on Polygon.

Participate in unique organic roleplayign decisions to impactthe story and world of Mortegard.

Collect powerful allies and unique characters from the world of Mortegard and place them in your castles to boost the output of the surrounding land.

Use the resources you generate to increase the efficiency of your empire and forge an asset out of your kingdom.

Pledge surplus resources to story events that shape the fate of the land of Mortegard and be rewarded for your efforts.

Build a densely populated tax farm, or a luscious wooded wonderland. Borrowing from cherished fantasy games of yesteryear and putting a unique spin on tired cliches, Mortegard is a unique land with an ongoing, evolving, story that both the denizens and the rulers influence.

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