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MPC (Modernizing Park Chain) aims to build a new high-performance, highly trusted, secure public blockchain that helps developers, game enthusiasts, artists, and KOLs easily create valuable content on the blockchain. At the same time, they can interact with anyone to generate revenue and ultimately drive large-scale adoption. MPC achieves this by supporting NFT, AR, VR, and IOT. By using TBFT Byzantine fault-tolerant Consensus, MPC improves the speed and scalability of the system to process transactions and ensure system security.

MPC’s is a community-driven NFT project with a bold vision to develop a P2E crypto game. The Champs are unique game characters with over a hundred exciting traits of weapons, clothing, pets, faces and background’s. The Champ  will be listed on OpenSea on Polygon (0$ gas fee).

Owning a Champ allows you to take a part of value driven Community. That means the main focus will be creating value that benefits the owners, both monetarily and  experience wise.

The minting will be done in 6 batches, for each batch 1,111 Champs  will be available. All the holders (HODL) will benefit by an increased floor price due to the limited number of Champs.

The road map for MPC’s is collaborative and some elements will be voted on by the members-only.

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