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What is MyRichFarm?
My Rich Farm is a farming game on the Binance Smart Chain, where RCH is the only token in the game. The maximum possible RCH issuance will be not more than 5 billion. We plan to allocate the tokens to 4 parts using smart contracts to ensure the MY RICH FARM’s success will bring value to RCH.In this way, we could support the players’ ecosystem and acquire the resource for market growth and more quality games.

Uses of RCH

1.Farm purchase:

Only by using RCH in Private Account, can players purchase the farm at the official Store or marketplace. According to the things raised on and the components equipped with, the same type of farm will produce different RCH output with different payback periods, so this decides the farm value in the marketplace.

2.Farm management:

Players’ operations on their farms consume RCH from Farm Account. In return, the farm will yield RCH. In other words, NFT (farm) can produce RCH tokens.


The fund is set for community management. When the withdrawal happens, the system will remove 0.5% RCH from the total supply into the fund to develop the community games based on RCH. The funded community games will have positive feedback to create more opportunities for more games.


The commission will be charged for withdrawing RCH from game account to Private Account by a certain small percentage.

5.Coin Burn:

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