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What is MythArt?
MythArt is a NFT studio based in China. we aim to lower the barrier of entry for users to acquire NFT assets and provide them with their first NFT assets.users can claim a free NFT every 24 hours.

MythArt NFT - Beautiful NFT artwork based on CryptoHeroes, permanently saved on the blockchain.

Original ComicImmersive comic experience based on the Myth Verse lore, where users can collect NFTs while reading.

GameFi Multiple genres of NFT games users can play to earn valuable NFTs while mastering their craft.

Myth VerseA Marvel-inspired universe of Crypto Heroes users can collect, train, and fight alongside with.
Myth Verse
The Myth Verse is a Marvel-inspired universe where you can collect and upgrade your own Crypto Heroes and win NFTs and other great rewards while playing.

MythArt’s first application will be a Marvel-inspired metaverse of CryptoHeroes. We will customize specific CryptoHero characters and stories for crypto projects and influential individuals. The storyline of the whole comic will be based on DAO. Any crypto project or influential individual in the industry can apply to become a CryptoHero. Creation of new CryptoHeroes will be decided by community votes using MythToken.

As part of our innovative approach, we will also build an immersive and interactive comic experience based on these Marvel-inspired CryptoHeroes. Users can collect NFTs such as CryptoHeroes, game equipment, and materials while reading the comic. They can also level up, strengthen, and improve their CryptoHeroes’ attributes using the resources they collect, and their gameplay progression can impact the storyline. Users will also have access to weekly PVP and PVE battles for great rewards.

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