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Mytheria is a world where Gods from different cultures combat for honor and glory
It is the first NFT card game that combines play-to-earn and create-to-earn features
Users can start playing the game for free, as all new players receive the starter deck, consisting of 40 individual cards. The battle arena has two lanes and is structured like a MOBA. The player’s mission is to defend their tower and attack the enemy's towers. A game of Mytheria contains a series of rounds and five phases and lasts until victory is achieved. The game is skill-based and is determined by a combination of decision-making during the game as well as by tactically building the deck before the game.World of Mytheria

Among all other mythical life forms.
In an age of chaos, absolute power will become the finest goal of all.
It could be pure crystals containing Mytheria - the supreme energy of the universe.
It could be the powerful divine force flowing in the blood of the legendary beings known as "Gods".
These may be the wildest and most beautiful beasts, who devoured Mytheria to set them paws on the path of eternity.
They could be the precious treasures of the old world - the Artifacts contested by the most powerful warriors and can only be wielded by the mightiest ones.
In the age of chaos, yes, in the age of chaos.
Can you feel it? The wind of power has risen.
From the temples of Egypt, where lives were sacrificed to join the Mytherian currents flowing in the blood of the gods - to ancient Greece, where the gods and demigods sought strength from the absolute force of nature. From the frozen North, the mightiest warriors have risen, stepping on thunder and rainbows to explore the energetic world of Mytheria, only to finally get lost in the mystical East, where humans, emperors and gods forged ultimate strength by endless spiritual journeys.
What about you? My promising young god, are you ready to carve your name in the era of Mytheria?

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