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NEOfish member of Fishchain the first HybridToken Blockchain Game. Top 10 Blockchain Game in China. 70M Players Choice — Bubble Fish Core Team, First NFT Game on NEO Blockchain.

FishChain, an Ethereum-based blockchain game, has announced its intention to launch a NEO-based counterpart called NeoFish, alongside an airdrop of the NEP-5 version of its FISH token. FishChain combines a mining mechanism and fishing gameplay with a token model, with the goal of creating an interactive, player-driven marketplace and ecosystem.

The team behind FishChain previously found success with Bubble Fish, which it claims was the most popular social game on the Renren social network (often called the “Chinese Facebook”) during 2010-2012, with 3 million daily active users. Bubble Fish is noted as a predecessor of FishChain and NeoFish, as it also had an unlimited free market where fish could be bought or sold.

To access the current Ethereum version of the game, players need to register an account using a mobile number. There are other KYC steps in place with rewards available for completion, but these rewards may be waived to give access to the full game functionality without further KYC.

Assets and Mining
FishChain’s active currency is the FISH token, which can be acquired by mining, fishing or directly traded for ETH on the in-game exchange.

There are two categories of non-fungible token; fish and fishbowls. Fishbowls are required to mine FISH tokens and may be filled with fish owned by the player. Only 20,000 fishbowls are issued, available in various colors and capacities.

Fish are also unique, being made up of eight different genes. Different traits give fish different computing powers, with higher computing powers translating to greater mining returns when placed in a fishbowl. This mining process is designed to emulate Proof-of-Work consensus mechanisms, popularized by Bitcoin. More powerful hardware (or in this case, better fish and fishbowls) correspond to greater rewards.

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