NEOLand是一个基于区块链技术的多人联网虚拟世界,也是一个由全球用户共同协作创建的3D空间。在NEOLand的世界,用户创造价值,用户收获财富。 NEOLand is a multiplayer online virtual world that runs on blockchain. Here in the 3D virtual environment, players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world. NEOLand is a social platform where players could not only chat and have fun, but also establish an amazing network of business or personal connections, maybe even forge a community and run for election! Take part in a campaign and be the Lord of your continent!

Get your Neoland
In Neoland, players own, manage real-world land parcels that measure 737 000 sqm. Owners can add, customize buildings and organize events in their lands.

Manage your Land
Land owners have a list of events and improvements they can add to their Neolands to increase their attractiveness and revenue.


Be rewarded
1/ Game: Like in the Monopoly board game, the more people visit a land, the more it generates revenue.

2/ Sharing revenue: Game profits are redistributed to our Neoland Owners. Each time a player watches an ad or makes a microtransaction, the money is redistributed to owners through the reward pool.

The first drop is collection of 10 000 LandPasses.
They give priority to claiming Neolands on the map.

Neopolis is a MMO location-based game where players trade real-world buildings.

Anything added to a Neoland appears also in Neopolis.

Neopolis counts a growing community of 150k active players.

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