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The one stop SocialFi app to build, manage, replicate and monetize crypto strategies.

What is Nested?
Nested is a social trading platform aimed at socializing DeFi.

At the crossroads of social media and DeFi trading, Nested is multi-chain, built to scale and allows users to create, copy, manage, update, send and share crypto strategies — the ‘Nested portfolios’.

These financial portfolios are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reflecting sets of tokens. Nested makes it possible for crypto newcomers and experienced traders to benefit from each other. The first one may look for performing strategies and portfolios to copy while the second can monetize his/her knowledge by earning royalties everytime followers do indeed replicate their portfolios.

In the coming months, Nested will also allow users to replicate farming and staking strategies.

Nested’s team has focused on building a user-focused app while preserving the highest level of decentralization and security.

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