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What is NFT-GODS?
NFT GODS is the first decentralization TCG Dapp with global gods culture. It combining with playing methods, including blind-box card drawing, NFT card mining, card recomposition, strategic athletics, liquidity provider mining, system of master and apprentice as well as hitting lists of public communities. They can bring out immersing NFT gaming experiences with rich content and high playability.

LG is the only token in the NFT GODS ecosystem, with a total of 20 million tokens produced through card mining, LP liquidity mining, and more. In addition to being used to buy cards and participate in LP mining, holding LG tokens also gives you additional interest in the NFT-Gods app spin-off platform.

NFT-GODS, based on BSC, is the first decentralized TCG (Trading card game) application. About NFT-GODS
NFT-GODS, based on BSC, is the first decentralized TCG (Trading card game) application.
It has reassembled the traditional rules of TCG games, reformed and linked to NFT contracts. In the application, every participant can obtain NFT cards by drawing blind boxes with different qualities and each NFT card has its own unique corresponding on-chain data; the card rareness and the card skin version will influence the value of the collected cards; moreover, at the first stage of the app issuing, the token of NFT-GODS, named LG (Legends of the Gods) can be obtained by pledging.
It is certain that NFT-GODS encourages the card trading between participants, to optimize the card pool and to have higher profits.
NFT GODS DApp is already available in Mathwallet、HyperPay、Coinhub, You can find it in the wallet that supports the BSC(Binance Smart Chain) Blockchain.
NFT-GODS will issue more playable and profitable functions, such as card combat, league & camp combat, card skin system, DAO governance, to create the NFT application with a complete and smooth playing experience.

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