What is Night Life Crypto?
Night Life Crypto is a gaming platform that is bringing the quality of blockchain gaming to the level it should be at. The platform is producing high quality Platform and Arcade games that will replicate the style and quality of those on steam and other platforms outside of crypto.

Utilizing a 2 layer solution (Binance Smart Chain and Turtle Network), it brings features never seen before in crypto. NLIFE tokens can be purchased on pancakeswap, which can then be sent to the user's NLIFE account's wallet (wallets are non-custodial, so the user has full control over their funds) which can be used to purchase/play games, trade for achievement NFTs on the upcoming marketplace and more. Every game produced on the platform has 0 transaction fees charged to the user. All in game music is produced by professional musicians.

Users can also stake NLIFE/BNB liquidity, which allows them to receive a portion of the 1.5% token transfer fee based on the amount they stake vs the total amount staked. This allows the user to have a revenue stream, without creating additional sell pressure since the reward comes from token transfer fees and not the minting of additional tokens.

Fiat on/off ramps will be available in the coming months, as well as additional arcade/platform games, a marketplace to buy/sell in game skins, achievement NFTs and NFT cards from the upcoming deck building trading card game. Over time, tournaments will be held where the top users will be able to win NLIFE among other prizes.

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