What is Noft Games ?
Fantastic creatures named Nofts have been closed on the spaceship and fight among themselves to survive.

Every noft has a unique genome that determines its appearance and abilities. Different abilities have different influences on noft behavior and strategy in a battle.

A match is an automatic simulation of battle. During the match, the noft gains experience, which ensures the growth of characteristics.

Here you get characters, put them on a battle, and earn!

Noft Games is a project created by crypto-enthusiasts and inspired by spectacles like sports contests. It's a new world of fantastic creatures; they have their own world and live their own lives. We believe that the AI-managed world of Nofts can produce breathtaking content.We follow new technologies and look for non-obvious ways to use them. Blockchain, for us, is an opportunity to make everything clear and reliable. It is an innovation on a scale comparable to the Internet. Blockchain has an impact on all areas of life, from finance to entertainment. It is a brand new way to organize data on the Internet and new ways to interact with users. We use the power of technologies to give you a unique entertainment experience.

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