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What is Northern Guilds?
Northern Guilds is a fun-first, device-agnostic dungeon crawler blockchain MMORPG inspired by your favourite childhood games. In a modern take on the pixel perfect art style of nostalgic adventure games, players and their friends embark on an epic journey into ragnarok.

Make history. Save humanity. Rule Midgard.
Ragnarok is upon us, warrior. Between the world as we know it and destruction stands just the last bastion of humanity’s strongest warriors, mages, archers and assassins, humanity’s final stand. Onwards now, warrior. The time is not for pleasantries, for war is at our doorstep.

Bring your friends into action-packed real time combat throughout Midgard, construct camps, settlements and towns, levy taxes on your residents and sales tax on your merchants, or live the life of a nomad, only crafting and collecting what you need for battle. You – only you – are the arbiter of your destiny.

The story of Northern Guilds is one of survival during the final days of Rag-narok, the prophesized near end of the world in Nordic mythology and the Icelandic sagas. The final war has broken out between the Jötnar and the Æsir, the giants and the gods. To battle Left in Miðgarðr, the home of humans, the Vikings are destined to either fight or die as Asgard and Jötun-heim fall, and the war trickles down to the mortal realms. Life itself is under siege. Humanity has spent hundreds of years training guilds of brilliant and cunning warriors for this war.

There are several ways for players to make money in Northern Guilds. One option is simply raiding dun- geons and killing bosses and selling your rare loot on to other players. Another option is completing questsand exploration objectives to progress the story along. You can also choose to go a wholly different route and choose to become a trader, flipping items on the ingame and/or the secondary market via the blockchain and OpenSea. Because the in-game currency itself is not a cryptocurrency, we can 1) make gas-free in-game trades, looting and other value transactions, so  you don’t get a popup in the middle of a raid; and 2) allow players withn no knowledge of the blockchain to also play the game.
This is a crucial feature of the game. The economy will be largely player- operated, with Pixie Interactive’s only real influence on it being the drop rates of various in-game items, the quest and loot rewards and then difficulty of mobs. As the world of Northern Guilds ex- pands over time, and new guilds (and their homelands) are dropped into the game, this economy can then grow and expand even further

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