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What is Northern Guilds?
Northern Guilds is a fun-first, device-agnostic dungeon crawler blockchain MMORPG inspired by your favourite childhood games. In a modern take on the pixel perfect art style of nostalgic adventure games, players and their friends embark on an epic journey into ragnarok.

Northern Guilds is, at its core, an MMO. Players will find themselves exploring the vast
and unforgiving lands of Midgard, Asgard and Jöttunheim. Each player will have to tackle
quests, pillage ruins, and outsmart enemies to come out on top in an unwinnable war.
Dungeons, caves, and boss arenas will give players an opportunity to team up and fight
against huge monsters for rare loot. These raids are planned by players and can be ex-
ecuted by players in raiding parties, or as few as one brave - and very foolish - warrior.
We intend to provide all our players with a unique experience as they travel through
Midgard. This world has existed long before you, and its flora, fauna and ecosystems
reflect it. In the grand scheme of things, you are but a blip on the timeline of this world.
Midgard is a huge place with lots of potential for players to settle their camps and slowly
transform them into villages with their own traders, inns, and taverns. These settlements
are expensive to make, and require a great deal of time, energy, and luck to build and
successfully operate. This allows late game players the opportunity to show off their
might and create their own empire.
Our goal is to provide our players with limitless opportunities to fuel their fun and ad-
vance their story. When alone, players can fish, hunt, and gather resources to finan-
cially support themselves. Battle-hardened players can also fight in underground rings
or bet on fights as alternative ways to pad their pockets.

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